Folio APPLE Leather Case iPhone Xs Max Blue


Color: purple
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  • High quality leather
  • Foldable with internal socket
  • Supports wireless charging

Complete protection, beautiful design!

If you want total protection for your beloved  iPhone  Xs  Max  then the official folding  leather case  Folio  of  APPLE  is the perfect choice. The exterior is made of high quality leather, while the inside has a soft microfiber lining to prevent scratches on the screen. In addition, its simplicity and fine lines make it unique, as its elegance and minimal style will highlight the precious  iPhone  Xs  Max and it certainly won't go unnoticed. So, it touches the touch, while at the same time it is thin and does not add volume so you can easily carry your device, even in your pocket. In this way, you completely protect your device while at the same time adding a sense of luxury and beauty.

Incredible functionality and usability!

In addition to beautiful and durable, the  Folio APPLE iPhone Xs Max leather case  proves extremely practical. This is because it has a special slot where you place and secure your device to keep it firm in the event of a fall, while inside it has a special case where you can put cards, money, tickets and receipts. In addition, it has an active door that sleeps on the screen when you close it and accordingly activates it when you open it. As for the notches, they release all the functionality of the  iPhone  Xs Max so you can, for example, take photos and listen to music with the same ease as if you hadn't put it in a case. Finally, note that Folio APPLE leather case iPhone Xs Max  supports wireless charging, which means you don't have to remove it every time to use an important feature of your new device.

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