LLeather Case APPLE iPhone Xs Max Blue


Color: purple
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Αμεση παραλαβη/Παραδοση σε 1-3 ημερες
    • APPLE Official Case
    • Supports wireless charging
    • Velvet texture and microfibre lining.
    • The  official APPLE iPhone Xs  Max leather case  is a beautiful genuine leather case that delivers incredible looks and protects your favorite device. Its velvety texture makes it stand out while at the same time applying it perfectly to the curved shape of your device without adding volume and altering its 'character'. In addition, thanks to the microfibre lining, it ensures that your precious  iPhone Xs  Max  will not be damaged. In any case, you will have full access to the ports and buttons, and it is worth noting that you do not need to remove this case when you want to charge it wirelessly. Beauty and elegance, dust and scratch protection, the official APPLE iPhone Xs Max leather case  will impress you from the very first moment and become an integral part of your device!

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