Smart Battery Case APPLE iPhone Xs Max Black


color: black
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  • APPLE Official Battery Case
  • Soft texture and microfibre lining
  • Compatible with Qi wireless charging

More than just a case!

The official  Smart Battery APPLE iPhone Xs Max case not only protects your precious device from everyday use, it offers even longer battery life to make your life simpler! So, thanks to its built-in battery, you'll be able to enjoy, for example, up to 37 hours of talk time and up to 20 hours of Internet use, so as not to limit your daily life. In addition, it is worth noting that it is compatible with Qi wireless charging but also with USB-PD chargers, while supporting accessories such as Lightning cable and EarPods, for ultimate ease of use. Finally, you can control the battery status from the screen of your favorite  APPLE iPhone Xs Max , so you can always have control in your hands!

Original and functional

The  Smart Battery APPLE iPhone Xs Max case  will impress you from the first moment with its functionality at all levels, allowing you to access all the slots and features of the device so that you can have instant access to all of its functions without you need to remove it. And all this without sacrificing the elegance or the important issue of protection. In fact, the soft microfiber lining on the inside effectively protects your device, while the exterior is made of silicone and leaves a wonderful touch feel. Finally, thanks to the elastomeric material from which it is made, you can easily mount and remove the case for flexibility beyond standard use. 

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